Email from Liz

Mon 8/08/2005 3:54 PM
From: Liz
To: Markus

Hey Markus! You’ve gone very quiet, what’s up?

Not much new here, the building work is going well and I hope I’ll be in my new house in two months. The stables are taking shape too and the land has been levelled off for the two arenas.  It’s very exciting to see it all happening.  It still feels like a it’s happening to someone else, if you know what I mean.

I was at the RDS last week – first time in seven years. Wilhelm was there of course, he says hello. Draco is still going strong, he won the Grand Prix on Saturday.  I met loads of the old jumping crowd, funny though I don’t miss the buzz of it all anymore.  It really must be time for me to settle down!

I’m still on the hunt for decent riding school horses. Every Tom Dick and Harry in Ireland is trying to sell me some sort of old donkey.  They must all think I’m stupid, the prices they’re asking are outrageous!  Of course rumours are rife about just how much we won in the Lotto but we’re saying nothing.

I’m attaching a photo from Dublin, just to remind you of the good old days.  Remember 1998??

I do miss you.





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