Email from Markus

Thurs 08/06/2006
From: Markus
To: Liz


it was great to see you last month, thanks again for putting up with us – I mean putting us up!  I still think there should be space somewhere for a Markus caravan though.  You need to reconsider your layout – now that it’s finished you have to start again to make room for me!!

Seriously, I hope you realise how happy I am that you and Sam get on so well.  You are my closest friend – well you know that!

Things are still good here 😀 😀 Sam is doing an intensive month long German course so I am not seeing much of him at the moment, other than to help him with his homework in the evening.  I say it’s cheating, he says it’s not.

I saw this Connemara at Aachen and he made me think of you.  I hope you have managed to find some more nice ponies and horses by now – maybe even some like this boy.

I have a run down to Spain next week to collect three Andalusian mares.  Business is growing slowly but steadily.

Alles Liebe!



Thank you to Hannah Brab Photography for permission to use this image.


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